MRT - DMS Week 2023

OAMRS proudly recognizes all of the hardworking members of the Medical Radiation Sciences Profession by celebrating MRT-DMS Week each year. We hope you will join us this year by participating in the events, promotions and celebrations taking place throughout the week of November 5 to 11. Check out the information below for details on what's happening this year, and how you can get involved. 

2023 OAMRS-ville Tour

OAMRS President and CEO, Greg Toffner, will visit three Ontario locations to meet in-person with hardworking members of the medical radiation sciences profession.

Join your colleagues in medical radiation sciences for a pizza lunch and discussion with Greg about the topics you want OAMRS to know about. This is also a chance to learn first-hand about the priorities of the Association and the advocacy work that is being done on behalf of members of the profession. You will also hear about the numerous benefits of being an OAMRS member, why professional liability insurance is critical to your career, and how you can get directly involved in your professional Association.

Send an email to [email protected] by September 29 with information about why your location should be chosen for this year’s OAMRS-ville tour. Winning locations will be randomly selected and notified by the first week of October.

2023 MRT-DMS Week Merchandise

OAMRS Members can automatically save on every item in the OAMRS online store. Shop today and show your professional pride for this MRT-DMS Week. 

MRT - DMS Week 2022

Take a look at some of the previous year's OAMRS-ville visits and other MRT-DMS Week celebrations from across Ontario.