Bone Mineral Densitometry for MRTs (Didactic Component)

Bone Mineral Densitometry for MRTs (Didactic Component)

The OAMRS Enhanced Practice Certificate: Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) for Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) course is composed of two portions – practical and didactic. If learners wish to complete the full certificate, this course makes up the didactic portion of the certificate and must be completed prior to advancing to the practical portion.

This course will cover the main operation and function of commonly used bone mineral densitometry equipment, from underlying physical principles to clinical application. Comprehensive topics include the anatomy of the skeletal system, skeletal pathology, risk factors associated with bone loss and common pharmacological interventions.

Course at a Glance

Learning Hours: This course has been designed for you to work at your own pace and there are no formal hours identified. To complete your course in a timely manner, it is recommended that you set learning goals and schedule time to complete your studies.We suggest creating a simple chart to help you establish a plan for completion of the course. The chart is not a course requirement; however, it can help you stay organized and also act as a means to log your time to help keep track of your learning hours for professional development activity requirements.

Type of Learning: Online

Prerequisites: To succeed in the course, the technologist must:

  • Have completed an accredited MRT program and be certified to practise as an MRT in Canada
  • Be a member of a regulatory College or professional association with regulatory authority (where applicable)
  • Carry personal professional liability insurance (PLI)
  • Be employed in a diagnostic imaging or nuclear medicine department (or clinic) with access to densitometry scanning equipment
  • Foster inter-professional collaboration with other allied healthcare professionals in providing clinical services

Accreditation: To receive the full OAMRS Enhanced Practice Certificate, the technologist must successfully complete the didactic component and then proceed to successfully complete the practical component of the course as well.

Completion Requirement: A comprehensive online exam will be administered upon completion of all modules of study. The minimum acceptable passing grade is 75%.

Who Should Take this Course

Practicing MRTs who would like to take the first step towards receiving the full OAMRS Enhanced Practice Certificate: Bone Mineral Densitometry for MRTs.

Course Outline

The course includes:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Course Manual
  • Module 1: Professional Practice and Patient Preparation
  • Module 2: Anatomy
  • Module 3: Skeletal Pathology
  • Module 4: Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Treatment Options and Lifestyle Management
  • Module 5: X-Ray Production and Quality Control
  • Module 6: Scanning and Analysis
  • Module 7: Interpretation of Results
  • Final Exam

Development Team

  • Lois Brown RTR, ACR, MSc., P.Phys
  • Anita Colquhoun MRT(N), CDT
  • Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences

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